Kyosimiire Shillah, Age 15 Female

Shillah is in Senior 2 at Zana Christian High School where she is a boarding student. She dreams of becoming a nurse. In her spare time she enjoys playing netball and is the shooter on the team.

Eric William Yiga, Age 21 Male

Eric is in his 1st year at Makerere University where he is studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He is an excellent student and a very responsible young man. He lives with his Grandmother who also cares for several of his cousins. He helps her by mopping the floors and earning spare change to help the family. His request is “That the Lord helps make me what he wants me to be.”

Rachael Gertrude Namata, Age 16 Female

Rachael Gertrude is in Senior 2 at Maranatha High School. She lives with her Dad, Step-mother, and younger brother and sister. She enjoys helping with cooking. Rachael Gertrude’s favorite subjects are Swahili and Art and she hopes to become a fashion designer. In her spare time, she enjoys playing netball.

Nabyonga Ruth, Age 18 Female

Ruth has completed Senior 4 and will be starting a vocational training program. She and her younger siblings stay with their Grandmother. She helps by mopping and cleaning the compound. In her spare time, Ruth enjoys listening to music and swimming. Her dream is to someday hear Hillsong perform live!

Esther Safari, Age 10 Female

Esther’s family came to Uganda 5 years ago as refugees from DR Congo. She lives with her Mom along with her Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle, siblings, and cousins. Esther is in Primary 2 at Zana Community Christian School.

Queen Hasifa Nambasa, Age 20 Female

In December 2019, Queen completed Senior 6 at Zana Christian High School. She lives nearby with her Aunt and cousins. Queen is hoping to begin a vocational or diploma program. She loves music and she plays guitar and sings with the praise team at Zana Community Church.

Tim Enock Musinguzi, Age 15 Male

Enock is in Senior 2 at Luwera Senior Secondary School where he is a boarding student. His favorite subjects are chemistry and math and he wants to be an accountant. His father died and he and his siblings stay with his maternal aunt. During the Christmas break, he spent his days caring for and grazing the family’s cows.

Joseph Mwesigwa, Age 17 Male

Joseph is in Senior 3 at Buzzibwera Secondary School. He is a boarding student. He enjoys physics, math, and chemistry and hopes to become an engineer. During the Christmas break, he stayed with his Mom who is a widow. He slashed grass, dug in the garden, and helped cook food. In his spare time, he enjoys playing volleyball and football.

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