About UORF

Ugandan Orphan Relief Fund seeks to create partnerships with those in Uganda working with children as well as individuals and organizations in the US and throughout the world. 

UORF (Ugandan Orphanage Relief Fund)

Ugandan Orphanage Relief Fund is a not for profit 501 (3) (C) organization incorporated in Illinois. We support the operation of residential and non-residential orphan care facilities in Uganda. All of our orphanage programs in Uganda are community based, owned and operated by indigenous boards in those communities. We currently provide some kind of assistance of varying degree to 7 programs and impact the lives of over 500 children.

We insist on cooperation and the sharing of resources between all of our projects in an attempt to avoid the “stay out of my sandbox” mentality that occurs in relief programs; consequently we have partnered with several civil society NGOs in Uganda to provide for the medical and educational needs of the children we care for.

In the United States UORF is run by an independent board and operates with an all-volunteer staff. UORF-Uganda is a registered Ugandan NGO with an independent board.  The all-indigenous staff includes a director, an accountant, a social worker, a nurse, and a director of vocational training in addition to housemothers and caregivers.  Our administrative costs in the US are less than 1%, which means that of all donations, 99% go to services for the children in Uganda.

Our goal is to Provide Resources in the Form of:

Financial Aid

Donations of equipment and material by individuals,corporations and organizations

Ideas and information

Professional services like medical care and legal aid

Create micro enterprises and cooperatives between organizations to achieve self-sufficiency and employment for the children as they grow older

Develop educational opportunities and share these resources

Provide opportunities for individuals and groups to travel to Uganda and share their talents with those in need

To educate the world of the plight of these children

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