Bweya Children’s Home

This home was founded by a Ugandan couple in the 1960’s, during the early days of Idi Amin. UORF came alongside this ministry over 10 years ago, providing food during a time of great need. Over the years our partnership has grown, sponsoring the education of some secondary, vocational, and University students at the home. We also continue to provide a monthly food budget and other support for the children at this residential home. This ministry works with the local government and probation officers to provide care to children in crisis situations. They are currently caring for more than 70 children.

Zana Children’s Program

Zana Children’s Program is a ministry of Zana Community Presbyterian Church and Zana Christian Primary and Secondary School. Zana is on the outskirts of Kampala with areas of upscale internationally-owned homes nearby as well as areas of intense poverty. UORF, in cooperation with several other US organizations, supports many of the students in this community. Without sponsorship, these children would have a limited opportunity to attend school. The UORF offices are located in Zana and the medical and social work departments use this location as their home base.

Ebenezer Home, Katosi

This home was established by a UK organization in the 1990s as Lake Victoria Children’s Home on an island in Lake Victoria. Over the years, UORF provided secondary education to the children of LVCH as there was no secondary school on the island. The cost of sustaining a home on the island forced the administration to relocate on the mainland. UORF was eventually asked to take over the management of the home and the care of the children. A local board has been established to assist in the oversight. UORF provides the day to day costs of the home and education of the children, with some assistance and sponsorship from UK supporters.

Bethel Christian Children’s Home

This home is located in the small village of Kyannanjula, Masaka District. The village was just a small collection of huts in a rural area that was devastated by the HIV/Aids epidemic. UORF maintains a residential and non-residential program in Kyannanjula and provides education for approximately 85 local students. The impact of the home and the school fees paid by UORF has led to a significant improvement in the community and the establishment of a secondary school. This ministry is primarily supported by Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Lansing, IL.

Wakiso Crisis Pregnancy Center

Wakiso was founded approximately 10 years ago by a Ugandan woman who recognized the tragedy of an increasing abortion rate in Uganda. As a result of the HIV/Aids crisis there are many young girls without family and support during a crisis pregnancy. Wakiso has provided a safe haven for over 1,500 girls and gives medical, psychological, and spiritual care as well as vocational training. This is a brand new relationship for UORF, but we recognize the ever-increasing need in this area and we are excited about the work being done by these extraordinary people

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